Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top 10 Engineer Jobs

Top Engineer JobsEngineer Jobs allow for an unlimited variety of areas to focus and specialize in. When a career can include working with rockets, trying to hold back hurricanes, or designing a sky scraper it deserves to be on the list of Top 10 Engineer Jobs.

Civil Engineering leads off the list. This career specialty offers employment to over a quarter million professionals. The total number of individuals employed in this career is over one and a half million. Education from a top school is a key to excelling in this field.

New Engineering Jobs

Best Process Engineer Jobs

Next on this tally, at the top of this field, are Chemical Engineer jobs. Electrical, Software, Genetic, Nuclear, Aeronautical and Social follow closely behind. At number nine is Network Engineer.

The winning employment and occupation deals with the smallest problems and solutions. The winning career is that of Nano Partical engineering.

With an average annual salary that exceeds $75,000, and often 100k in salary, this employment is high paying. The Top 10 Engineering Jobs will continue to be demand. Fortunately, employers will need these skilled and talented employees. Salaries should continue to rise.

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