Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Make Extra Money on the Side - 7 Fresh New Ideas, No Loans Needed

How to make extra money on the side is a number one hit. Why? Because around 5 million people world-wide are out of work.... just hoping, wishing and praying for a way to feed their families. And with the current oil price uncertainty and the volatile job and stock market, the future still isn't clear.
Although with any business there are risks, the fact to remember is, learning how to make extra money on the side, significantly reduces a lot of the risk. Most savvy business owners go into business realizing that since risk is going to be a part of any business, they definitely want that risk to be calculated. A sobering fact, listed by the Small Business Administration, is that over 80% of all business start-ups fail within their first 5 years... who needs that!
For those that are sincerely or even frantically seeking ideas relating as to how to make extra money on the side this article will offer some Sobering Relief.

1.Use whatever computer skills:
you have now, to assist small businesses. Small business owners are always looking for someone to help them in computer related areas. Sub contract your skills and become a resource to the small business community.
2. Become a ghostwriter:
Since everybody and their mother is online desperately trying to make money, the need for good written content to attract traffic has grown. Guess what? Most business owners are not writers and some are even terrified to even think about the idea of having to write.
3. Event Planner:
We've all heard that small businesses makeup 70% of all of the businesses in our economy, so you can surely see why there is such a huge opportunity within the small business sector. Small businesses have a need to hold or participate in events from time to time. Many have no clue as to the cost or logistics necessary for a successful event. You can plan events and functions for on and off-line businesses.
4. Outsource coordinator:
In our "new" global economy' the businesses that can outsource the most effectively, wins. The only way businesses can compete within their industries is to outsource. Some developing nation employees work for $1.36 per hr. or less, doing the same thing workers in more developed countries do at a higher wage.
5. Trainer:
All businesses are always on the look-out for some one that can train their staff. Your area of expertise may be of value to many businesses. Eg. safety, first aid, diversity, basic computer skills, efficiency... etc.
6. Project Manager:
If you know how to manage people and work spread sheets, excel, and other computer functions you are in great demand.
7. Direct sales:
Old school direct sales was hard and laborious. With the internet, direct sales is a trend that's growing at an unprecedented rate. The internet and other modern communications technology has provided a way for the sales reps to compete globally with a click of a mouse.

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