Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Professions with Really High Pay "But You May Dislike"

An unpleasant job denotes working with stuff that most people feel unpleasant, but you can make a decent amount of money doing that. A study says that jobs with hands-on, manual activities make people more contented than office jobs. The people indulge in these kinds of jobs have to be willing to get their hands unpleasant. Here are top 10 high paying unpleasant jobs:

Garbage collector

(Average Income: $40, 000)

There is no shortage of garbage collectors jobs, despite the dirt, danger and the smell. The average annual salary for this profession is about $43,000 and the overtime can aid shoot the pay to over $60,000 a year. Sanitation workers put in long shifts, traveling up and down roads to pick up trash. Impatient drivers occasionally hit the guys who are emptying trash cans. That’s the reason why trash collecting ranks high on lists of dangerous jobs.


(Average Income: $290, 000)

Whatever we eat that goes away through a 25-foot passage in our digestive track and when troubles arise, there’s one doctor we can go to for help is gastroenterologist also known as a GI doctor. These doctors specialize in the process of the body’s digestion. Nobody likes to describe their digestive problem like gas, abnormal stools or a pain in the rear; GIs treat some of the most itchy and embarrassing of ailments.

Oil riggers

(Average Income: $50, 000)

Companies pay a lot to discover and drill for this black gold. But this is not a glamorous job in real life; instead daily life of an oil rig is unclean and dangerous. Offshore rig life engages spending weeks at a time sleeping, eating and working 12-hour days or nights on a man-made drill rig in the middle of the ocean.

Portable Toilet Cleaner

(Average Income: $47, 000)

This job is more disgusting than both garbage collector and gastroenterologist. Most people avoid situations where they require using a portable toilet. These toilets can be worse without the folks who clean them for a living. Cleaners suck up all the waste in a portable toilet using a tank and a vacuum wand.

Crab fisherman

(Average Income: $40k – 50k)

Fishing persistently ranks as the most deadly occupation in the U.S. This is not that kind of fishing that most people think as lazy afternoons on the lake and father-son bonding.

Sewer Inspector

(Average Income: $60, 000)

These employees are represented as nuts for willingly diving into human waste, with above a high school education; they can make over $60,000 a year. Many people consider sewer inspectors noble stewards because they maintain our water and our streets clean.


(Average Income: $41, 000)

The body quickly becomes pale and unsightly when a person dies. This is not a very pleasant experience for family and friends who say goodbyes to their departed loved ones. That’s where the embalming process starts. Embalmers and mortuary workers earn about $41,000 on average, and the compensation rises with experience.

Coal Miner

(Average Income: $64, 000)

Coal mining is also one of the most dangerous as well as literally unpleasant professions today. Coal miners earn an average annual salary of around $64,000.


(Average Income: $35k-45k)

The thought of living without the plumber is unthinkable. Plumber offers us significant comfort and convenience. At entry level plumbers typically pull in between $35,000 and $40,000 a year.

Crime scene cleaner

(Average Income: $60k-75k)

They charge by the hour. With a little experience and flexibility with work hours, they easily make about $75,000 a year. The person who is prone to get sick and emotional can’t succeed in this job.

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