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Top 25 Career Advice Blogs

These top career advice blogs help you at every step of your career life. Whether you're a first-time job seeker or looking for career training tips, these career advice blogs help simplify the process.

Career Training by Blog: 25 Top Career Advice Blogs

  • The Monster Blog. One of the top sites for resume posting offers its career advice blog. Posts about which jobs will be in the highest demand in 2010 keep readers interested.
  • Ian Christie's Bold Career Blog. A recent post on etiquette for connecting through the networking service LinkedIn ensures you're never out of line.
  • Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist. With posts about making yourself more likeable and happier at work, Penelope mixes personal stories with career solutions.
  • Career Hub. A group of career experts offer advice on everything from degree program motivation to the rise of green jobs.
  • Career-Resumes. This former resume expert on has expanded his repertoire to include a blog offering advice, including why you should apply for unemployment immediately.
  • Counsel to Counsel. Associates and partners at law firms are the focus here, with plenty of specialized tips on social media and legal process outsourcing.
  • George's Employment Blawg. This blog has a silly name but offers serious advice, particularly if you're a new career training graduate looking for job search advice.
  • Hiring Technical People. Johanna Rothman's blog offers a sharp focus on the job search and interview process in the IT world.
  • Simply Lisa. Lisa Rosendahl mixes career advice and humor in this blog chronicling humorous exchanges with human resources reps and more.
  • Life@Work. Working moms, take note! Heather Mundell offers advice on work-life balance and other business quandaries on this business blog from a woman's perspective.
  • Modlite. Rebecca Thorman's career and life advice blog includes helpful articles on how to improve the college and degree program system.
  • Movin' On Up. Get your career advice from a pair of employment professionals. Topics include a closer look at the world's best jobs.
  • My Global Career. Are you happy with your work/life balance? Can you bulletproof your job? This blog tackles daily employee issues.
  • Pink Slip. As the name suggests, this blog is devoted to layoffs and other work issues. A recent post talks about gaffes you can avoid in job interviews.
  • ResumePower. Is your resume a lion or a lamb? Beef up your resume, update your look, and even overcome a lack of degree program training with this blog's tips.
  • 43 Folders. San Francisco writer Merlin Mann's website is all about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work.
  • Seth's Blog. Business motivational writer Seth Godin takes wisdom from lemonade stands and bullhorns to offer some free inspiration for readers.
  • Spherion Career Blog. This blog groups together professionals and authors to offer a range of career advice. Posts on office gossip and avoiding online job scams are particularly helpful.
  • The Bing Blog. Fortune columnist Stanley Bing offers an irreverent take on business, politics, and why sharks run the world.
  • The Occupational Adventure. Over 1,000 career-related posts await readers hoping to add passion to their careers.
  • Employee Evolution. A recent post proclaims that readers should forget work-life balance. This blog turns the typical career advice cliché on its head.
  • Alexandra Levit's Water Cooler Wisdom. Learn how to manage your entire career from an iPhone with Alexandra's tech-savvy blog.
  • The Juggle. This Wall Street Journal blog focuses on how working parents juggle career and family.
  • Karen Burns, Working Girl. This quirky blog is full of career advice and personality. Look for advice on career training while job hunting.
  • Rehaul. Lance Haun offers intelligent musings on how people and businesses interact.

In addition to being a great way to spend a dull afternoon, these blogs offer helpful advice for anyone looking for connections or career advice. Add a few to your own blogroll and keep up with the latest tips and trends in the workplace. Check out with expert advice from a seasoned recruiter.

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